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All our products are sent fresh to the market to ensure quality to customers

Quality Guarantee

We maintain uncompromising quality standards in all our products.

Production Process

With state of the art machines & automation in production, we meet stringent standards.

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Nataraj Oil Mills Pvt. Ltd.,

Why Choose Us

Nataraj Oil Mills food products are a common name in kitchens

Anjali’s cooking oils are popular around the world

Anjali Dal is one of the highest quality Dal available

All varieties of Rices sources from the best fields

Quality and customer satisfaction is our Mantra

Nataraj Oil Mills PVT Ltd Food Products

A reputed food brand consumed by millions of families

For more than three decades, Anjali oil, Anjali Dal & Anjali Rice varieties have been a preferred brand because of our quality commitment and satisfaction guarantee. Tamil people living all over the world carry Anjali food products where ever they live and ask us to make our products available in those countries.

Commercial food industry people like caterers, hotels and restaurants also prefer Anjali food products and patron us.

why people choose us?

Our uncompromising & consistent commitment in quality & taste.

Edible Oil

Gingelly Oil, Groundnut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Refined Oil,


Basmati, Seeraga Samba, Karnataka Ponni, Brown Rice, Idly Rice etc


Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Moong Dal, Black Gram, Gingelly Seeds

Deepam Oil

Our aromatic deepam oil adds to the divinity during prayers & pooja’s

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